Aluminum glue Aluminum is a familiar building material that is widely used in the life as well as in architecture, home furniture and office. Sbond aluminum glue is used for installing, attaching and bonding aluminum parts with other materials such as aluminum with wood, aluminum with glass, aluminum with interior trim frames etc.

The perfect combination of aluminum – glass – aluminum adhesive Sbond.

Due to the same thermal expansion, aluminum and glass are commonly used in interior and exterior equipment. Aluminum combines with glass to create a modern look for the architecture of high-rise buildings and apartments. With the strong support along with the high adhesion of Sbond aluminum glue will make the user feel more secure because glass material easily slippery, fragile.

Aluminum truss – wood – aluminum adhesive Sbond.

Sbond aluminum glue has the advantage of not stretch, hard to break, the adhesion is very high. The combination of wood with aluminum and Sbond aluminum glue is used to minimize the use of nails in construction, construction. If there is aluminum layer outside, the life of wood products will be longer.

Interior aluminum glass cabinets use Sbond aluminum glue.

Today’s modern buildings often face aluminum panels, to enhance the beauty of the building. The application of aluminum in the architecture is very rich, diverse. To improve the kitchen, aluminum also contributes to the neatly arranged, tidy to avoid disturbance in the kitchen. The role of Sbond aluminum glue is very important to ensure the safety of the user.

Aluminum Sbond aluminum partition, aluminum skeleton. In modern offices, aluminum is used for skeletal system and light partition to create dynamic, youthful atmosphere for work in the office. In addition to the paste of aluminum, S-Bond Structural Adhesive is also used in the construction industry, interior wood surface, water resistant and paste many materials such as wood, plywood, alu plate, stainless steel, steel plate, glass.



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