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    Y-66 15KG


    Y-66 15KG

    Product Name Dragon Adhesive Y-66
    Solvent adhesive line
    Glue Yellowish
    How to use Glue to the surface
    Shelf life is 24 months
    Y-66 is a versatile, high-quality, versatile adhesive brand that is widely used in a wide variety of industries. It is capable of bonding most of the materials such as wood, furniture, bed …, adhesives are on leather material: shoes, sandals, purse, hand book, bag …, used in the construction industry: plastic flooring, wood flooring …, support in the advertising industry Fingerprint: Hiflex and able to stick insulating panels, enclosures, shrimps, sponges, lawns, carton … etc …

    SUGAR Y-66 is capable of adapting to all conditions of the environment.

    YELLOW HEAD Cylinders Y-66 are designed and use special material to ensure the quality of the sealant is not reduced during use and transport.


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